General view on a sunny morning in May 2012

This scene taken on a sunny morning in May 2012 already belongs to the history books as the platform was raised and re-surfaced, and the mechanical signal scrapped, in summer 2013.

Passenger numbers hold steady in 2014 Survey

Passengers Boarding/Total Passengers Boarding or Alighting, FOWS Passenger Surveys, 2007-2014

This year's FOWS passenger count on Nov 20th recorded almost identical passenger numbers using the station as last year: 707 instead of 711.

Around 50 extra passengers used the trains towards Manchester, counter balanced by 40 less in the Wigan direction - evidence perhaps of road users giving up on the congested East Lancs and A6 to try the train ? If so they would have found a good service in operation with some full trains (but all passengers able to board), good punctuality, and only one (off-peak) service cancelled.

For full details of our passenger counts from 2007 until the present, please see our Passenger Numbers webpage.

2013 Station Improvements

Network Rail projects have recently been completed to raise and resurface the station platform, and install modern colour-light signalling. Arguably the station hasn't been in such good shape for the last 50 years. Meanwhile FOWS will continue to work towards securing car parking and step-free access for the station. See our blog for latest details.

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