General view on a sunny morning in May 2012

This scene taken on a sunny morning in May 2012 already belongs to the history books as the platform was raised and re-surfaced, and the mechanical signal scrapped, in summer 2013.

2013 Station Improvements

Network Rail projects have recently been completed to raise and resurface the station platform, and install modern colour-light signalling. Arguably the station hasn't been in such good shape for the last 50 years. Meanwhile FOWS will continue to work towards securing car parking and step-free access for the station. See our blog for latest details.

Passenger numbers rebound in 2013 Survey

Passengers Boarding/Total Passengers Boarding or Alighting, FOWS Passenger Surveys, 2007-2013

After a 7% drop in passenger numbers from 2011 to 2012, this year's FOWS passenger count on Nov 21st recorded an almost identical rebound of plus 7% growth to 711 passengers boarding or alighting.

Travel toward Manchester was up 14% in contrast to a 14% fall in the Wigan direction, raising the possibility that extra passengers using the train to avoid the East Lancs roadworks are masking a flat or falling underlying trend.

Only 2 of the 31 trains arrived at their scheduled times, and 1 was cancelled. The average delay was 6 minutes.

Several trains were “full & standing”, even during the mid-morning “off-peak” period, and 15 passengers were left behind when the 0759 was too crowded to board. Adding insult to injury, the delayed express arrived at Walkden 7 minutes later with plenty of room on board but passengers were not allowed to board even though the train spent several minutes alongside the platform waiting for a signal.

For full details of our passenger counts from 2007 until the present, please see our Passenger Numbers webpage.

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