Access for Disabled Passengers

There are 42 stairs up to the platforms at Walkden station: an obstacle which can cause great discomfort to many passengers, and which prevents some people from getting to the trains at all.

This page presents some information which we hope will help disabled people to access train travel to and from Walkden.

Northern Rail's Disabled People’s Protection Policy

Northern's (DPPP) begins “Northern Rail Limited is committed to providing excellent customer care for disabled passengers, ensuring they enjoy the best possible access and journey comfort when travelling with us” .

The DPPP is available in a variety of formats from Northern Customer Relations by calling 0845 600 8008 or text-phone 0845 604 5608 or click here to access the DPPP in PDF format.

Access at Atherton Station

Atherton station has a lift from street level to the platform and is served by all trains that stop at Walkden.

Taxi Service for Disabled Passengers

By prior arrangement Northern Rail will provide a taxi to take disabled passengers between Walkden and Atherton stations.

Northern’s DPPP states “Where necessary we will provide an accessible form of road transport between an inaccessible station, and the nearest accessible station on the passenger’s desired route or intermediate point required by the passenger”.

The taxi fare is paid by Northern Rail, but you do need to buy a ticket or pass for the rail journey you are making.

Please call Northern Customer Relations to arrange this service giving 24-hours notice if possible (0845 600 8008 or text-phone 0845 604 5608).

Portable Platform Ramps

Portable ramps are carried on all Northern Rail trains and staff have been instructed to deploy them for any passenger requesting assistance boarding or disembarking from a train. You do not have to be in a wheelchair or registered disabled to request a ramp.

Disabled Person’s Railcard

A Disabled Person’s Railcard costs £20 a year and entitles you and a travelling companion to a 33% discount on most rail fares.