Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Walkden station ?

The station platforms and buildings, as well as the track, are all property of Network Rail. The station is leased to Arriva Rail North for the duration of their "Northern" franchise (2016-2025). One effect of this landlord/tennant arrangement is that any significant repairs or improvements have to be arranged by the landlord Network Rail, which makes it more difficult for Northern Rail to carry out improvements themselves.

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Who runs the trains ?

Since April 2016 all the services from Walkden have been operated by Arriva Rail North under the Northern brand. Arriva's franchise covers the vast majority of suburban and regional train services in the north of England.

Arriva Rail North took over the franchise from Northern Rail who held it from December 2004 until 2016.

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How do I make a comment or complaint about the station or services ?

There are several ways you can make a complaint or comment about the station or services:
Via the Northern website;
writing to Freepost NORTHERN RAILWAY;
fill in a comments form, which you can get from staff at stations or on trains, and posting this to the address above or handing it to a member of staff; or
phoning the Customer Experience Centre on 0800 600 2020.

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Why don't any trains stop here on a Sunday ?

From May 23rd 2010 they do !!

Sunday services from Walkden station resume in May 2010 after a gap of a generation. The service is hourly with nine trains per day in each direction, the last ones leaving Walkden late afternoon (please check actual departure times with National Rail Enquiries Journey Planner).

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Why don't any trains go direct to Piccadilly or the Airport ?

All Manchester services from Walkden go to Victoria when clearly there is demand for some direct services to the south side of the city centre and the airport. Connections are available at Salford Crescent but this is less convenient and the waiting times are sometimes long.

The routes which trains run along are governed by a very complex bidding arrangement between the owners of the tracks (Network Rail) and the companies wishing to run trains over them. The route between Salford Crescent and Oxford Road (the route that Walkden trains would need to take in order to reach Piccadilly) is one of the busiest stretches of railway in the country being heavily used by Transpennine Express, Arriva Trains, Cross Country and Northern Rail, as well as freight operators, and Northern have simply not been able to obtain the necessary extra slots to run more trains over this route.

FOWS understand the practical difficulties of gaining extra paths into Manchester Piccadilly but are urging Northern Rail to look at more imaginative use of their existing slots, for example alternating the Piccadilly paths between the existing services running to Atherton and Bolton.

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How can I get involved with the Friends of Walkden Station ?

To learn more about FOWS please see our About FOWS page.

Please see our Contact FOWS page for details of how to get in touch.

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How are disabled passengers supposed to use the station ?

Please see our Disabled Access page for advice to disabled passengers wishing to travel to/from Walkden.

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How can I get advice on the cheapest tickets and fares ?

You can find fare and ticket information at the websites of Northern or National Rail Enquiries.

Or if you can call into the station during staffed hours (approx. Mon-Sat 0700 - 1330) the booking office staff are trained to help you find the best tickets for your journey - locally or nationally.

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